About Us

There is nothing we like better than gathering around the table with our peeps.  They come in all ages, colors, shapes and sizes.  A full table, running over, is our delight.  We cook and they come.  God always provides enough.  Amazingly enough, the food has never run out.  Most days there are leftovers.  Many days the ones we invite call and ask if they can bring friends with them.  The invitation is open and we can always make room for one more. 

I, Betsy, and my husband, Taylor, have been married for twenty years and we live in Jackson, TN. I have always been a teacher. I love to read great books and am constantly on the lookout for them.  Writing on the blog really comes from wanting to reach as many people as I can in as many ways as possible. My passion is teaching the Bible and encouraging people in the Lord. And I especially love to teach with my husband.  He is an exceptional dad who dearly loves our kids and is a feisty, hilarious husband who makes each day fun. He has been a builder for years and currently runs a family business. He loves when we are gathering around the table. He enjoys sharing stories and teaching people about their identity in Christ.

Those who are around our table daily are our children Mary Taylor (17), Brady(14), Shepherd (11) and Elizabeth Jane (7). They are a wonderful bunch of warriors and light-bearers for the Kingdom who take ground in so many different areas. We are so blessed!

Gathering Around is called to:

Call—“Cry out, to give a person a specific name.”

We desire to call out to the lost and tell them about the love of our good Father.  We also desire to teach people who they are in Christ. We want to help people understand how God sees them.

Encourage—“Give support, confidence, or hope.  Give support or advice to someone or develop.”

We want to be hope-bringers.  We want to pour into thriving ministries to encourage them.  We desire to come alongside ministries who may have become discouraged.     

Equip—“Supply with necessary items for particular purpose.  Prepare someone mentally or a task.  Train, make ready.”  

We have all been called.  Now is the time to prepare, strengthen, restore and train the body of Christ for what we have been uniquely called to do.

Challenge—“Invite someone to engage in a contest or battle.”

We live in the midst of a war zone, wether we live in the suburbs of the USA or in the midst of the bush in Africa.  The enemy is alive and well.  But as believers we are “more the conquerers in Christ Jesus”(Romans 8:37).  We want to inspire each other to take back the ground that has been stolen by the enemy as well as to move forward taking more ground as we go.