About Us

Hey friends!  Taylor and I (Betsy) want to welcome you to Gathering Around.  There is nothing we like better than getting people together.  Whether it is in the kitchen preparing a meal or feasting around the table, we love to welcome people into our home.   We cook and people come.  Dinner is usually around 6, and it really is humorous how many people just happen to “stop by” around 5:30.  It might be a visit with a friend over a cup of coffee or as large as a house full of people for New Year’s Eve.   We love making space.  There is always room for one more.

Both of us grew up in rural west Tennessee.  Having extended families nearby, our families spent lots of weekends feasting at relatives’ tables.  Our small town did not have lots of options for entertainment so our people gravitated to the dining room table.  Great conversations and delicious food were a mainstay.  Before there were even VCRs in every home, we had game nights and card games galore.  Both Taylor’s parents and mine were (and still are) people who love gatherings.  What a wonderful way to grow up!

Over the last 20 years Taylor and I have been able to extend innumerable invitations.  Some of those gatherings have been overwhelmingly successful, and others have been a total fail.  As I gather my courage, I will share some of both with you, but the bottom line is this: people long for relationships and deep connections.   People LOVE to be invited in.

Those who gather with us daily are our children: Mary Taylor (18), Brady (16), Shepherd (12), and Elizabeth Jane (8).  They love to have people over as much as we do.  Honestly, they are so good at entertaining that they could host people all by themselves.  In fact, they are constantly bombarding us with invitations they want to extend.  They are a wonderful bunch of warriors and light-bearers.  We are so blessed.

Because we love and see the need for connection, we want to help you gather people around you.  We will share our gatherings with you, challenge you to extend invitations of your own, and equip you with the tools you need to gather people.  Our hope is that you will share your successes (and challenges) with the Gathering Around community so we can be encouraged and learn from you as well.  Thanks for stopping by today and we hope that this space will be a blessing to you!