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Day of Miracles

One of the deepest prayers of my heart is that my kids will genuinely love each other and be dear friends for life.  Tonight there is a monumental movement in the right direction, happening right before my very eyes.

We spent the day looking for an Easter dress for Elizabeth Jane.  I realized, as I shopped with the younger two, that we rarely had these moments.  All of a sudden I was hit with nostalgia.  Instead of wanting to rush through the time and just buy a dress, I wanted time to stop.  I walked slower.  I stopped and bought them a pretzel and drinks.  We sat as they enjoyed their snacks.  They were thrilled and so surprised.  They sat side by side and shared their food and I secretly prayed they would grow up to want to spend time together.

When we got home and were preparing to go to a Holy Week service Brady (high schooler) asked Shepherd (middle schooler) if he would like to go with him and his friends to play basketball because they needed another player.  I wish I had taken a picture of Shepherd's reaction.  It was priceless.  Miracle.

Tonight is even better.  Mary Taylor went on two back-to- back trips.  She is still gone.  I sent her a picture of her little sister's new Easter dress.  She asked me if Elizabeth Jane would like to FaceTime.  I was so surprised.   Elizabeth Jane was astounded.  She even asked me to clarify if she had heard correctly.  It is 30 minutes past bedtime and they are still talking.  I am writing and they are just silly talking back and forth.  I have no heart to call it quits.  This just doesn't happen and I am relishing this gift.  Miracle again.

I think about my sisters and me.  Tracy is almost 9 years older than me and I remember distinctly when she would include me as a child.  It always seemed like a privilege the queen bestowed on me to show her favor upon me,  a peasant.

Sometime during college my sisters and I started to connect.  We started to have more in common. Living in the same town,  Missy and spent time together and even taught a children's class at church together.  I went to live in the Kansas City. near Tracy, for a summer.

Decades later I consider my sisters good friends.  That is probably a miracle.

As my girls say goodbye and goodnight I want to record this day so that I never forget it.   I pray that wherever the Lord takes them in this life, they will consider each other good friends.

I pray for your families as well.  Maybe little ones have been fighting and it does not even seem like they can tolerate each other much less like each other. Please let me be an encouragement to you.  Our oldest two did the same thing.  There were days that I would be in tears when my husband came home.

They love each other now.  They choose to make plans and include each other.

Tell your peeps they like each and eventually they will believe it.

I believe that all four of our kids will be grown ups who dearly love their siblings like I love mine.  It is not impossible.  Nothing is impossible with our mighty God.