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Getting Tuned

Some days are just purely melodic.  When we step back and look at the whole of the day we can see the Grand Orchestra coming together.  We relish the beautiful music.

You accomplish your goals.

A long term project is competed.

The kids are getting along without your help.

That song you love comes on the radio.

The boss loves you and is so thankful for you.

Your cup of coffee never gets cold.

But some days sound more like those minutes before the orchestra begins.  Everyone playing their own instrument but no one is playing together.  As they listen only to their own pitch their sound mixes with with sounds of each musician doing the very same thing.  It is offensive.  What comes out of the orchestra pit is rough and messy.

The goals never even make the radar.

Even short term projects are left undone.

The kids wake up bickering and you can’t seem to help.

THAT song is playing and you can not get away from it.

The boss has you with one foot out the door.

The coffee is cold by the time you get the first sip.  For some reason we sometimes think that all days should sound like the London Symphony. All notes should be perfect and all instruments should be used to their greatest potential.


It takes the months and years of painstaking practice to hone an ability capable of playing in a fine orchestra.  Those performers were once kids screeching out note by terrible note as they learned their instrument.  Their pieces were awkward and only parents could love the sounds.

So why do we expect ourselves (or our children) to play like master musicians?  In some areas we are newbies.  We are toddlers learning to walk, in spite of our age.  Maybe we could begin to be kinder to ourselves, choosing to have the grace for ourselves that we have for others.  We might need to get a fresh perspective on our position in the orchestra.

This hard day may be the tuning.

We may need to listen only to our instrument.

The notes will not ever be right if we do not take the time to properly tune.

So if this day has been messy and awkward just cut yourself some slack.

It is ok.  It really is.

Some days are not perfect.  Some are.  Embrace them and enjoy.  Live fully in them and let those notes resonate all the way though you.  But if they are less than prefect, live there too.  Instead of resisting the foul notes  just lean into them.  Remember those are the days in which there is a lot to learn.  Listen to your heart (or your kids hearts) and tune.

The adjustments made on those hard days can be the very ones that were the most needed.  Let’s begin to have grace for ourselves as we learn and grow.  Fine tuning takes time and patience.

Remember you are not alone.  The Conductor is an expert and He is more than happy to help!


4 thoughts on “Getting Tuned

  1. Betsy,
    I so enjoy reading your blog on a semi-regular basis. They are a big boost to me and my day. It’s hard to believe these are coming from the same little girl who would bring out my silly side when I thought I was so cool. Keep up the good work

    1. You were the coolest…hands down. You are the only guy ever credited for saving Christmas at our house. Missy and I tried and tried to get that stupid tree the right size and in the stand. All it took was you showing up for the rescue! Thanks for your encouragement as a kid and thanks for your encouragement now. Both are invaluable!

  2. Beautiful as are you Betsy

    1. I get it from my mom!

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