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Goodbye Guilt




Today is the day it ends!  Guilt has to go.  Sweep it out the door or send it packing!  The guilt monster is not our friend.  He lurks around each corner trying his best to nose his way into our thoughts and steal any joy he can find.  His ultimate desire is to steal our peace.  We can be going about our day, feeling pretty good about life, when we get broadsided.

Maybe we homeschool and get to the end of the day and  realized we smoked it with your older children but blew it with the younger ones.  Guilt shows up and we begin to question wether or not we should be sending them to school.

Or it could be just the opposite.   Our kids go to school. They get home and their day has been terrible and we feel guilty and begin to question if we should homeschool.

We may see  our parents aging and feel guilty because we think we should spend more time with them–and at the very same time we are feeling guilty because we are not spending enough time with our spouse or children.

Guilt could say we spend too much money on the kids one day and you that we do not spend enough another.

You feel that you could have done more at your job, the next day you feel like you are not taking care of yourself.

With even a tiny amount of truth we can see that guilt is never satisfied.  We can go as hard one way as we can, to try and make ourselves feel better (that is really what we are trying to do).  However, the minute we are satisfied with the results of our hoop-jumping  there will be a entirely different set of hoops to jump through in another direction.  Work, work and more work and it  never seems to be enough.

Guilt is from the enemy.  He is a loser and the least amount of time we spend focusing on him the better we will be.  He wants lead us around by a bit and bridle.  We have to choose to let him put it in our mouth.  This cycle can stop and this madness can end.

God never meant for our lives to be about working and trying to achieve our own goodness.  We have to turn our focus from unreasonable expectations we have for ourselves or that others have for us.  Instead, we can place our focus  on our good Father.  We have to choose (sometimes in faith) to believe that what He says about us it the real truth.

Collectively we say goodbye to you today, Guilt.  You do not own us and you can not have one single more second of our time.  This world needs the light we bring and you suck us into darkness.  We refuse to pay any more attention to you and turn our faces fully to Jesus.    It is a new day and we choose to walk forward in peace with the Prince of Peace.  We spit out the bit we have drug around with.  Starting right now we declare that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom!