We would love to provide you a way to gather together. Maybe you have a group you have been wanting to get together for a retreat.  Retreats provide an opportunity for shared experiences to be a springboard for deeper relationships.  We love to speak and are passionate about sharing with others how loved they really are.  Check out the “Retreats” section below for some ideas.  Retreats can be tailor made to meet the needs of the group.

If your church is long overdue for a couples retreat we would love to help you make that happen.  Taylor and I throughly enjoy opportunities to co-teach to couples!  Inviting people in and encouraging them to know they are called, equipped and capable of making a difference  is our greatest passion.  We love to meet couples right where they are and encourage them to go the distance.

Speaker Bio

Betsy Pendergrass is a Christian wife, mom (of 4) and teacher. She has been teaching most of her life and is passionate about empowering people to be all they were created to be.  She has been planning retreats since she was a teenager!  Gathering people together to grow community and grow in relationship with the Lord has always been one of her passions.  Making a place for going deeper is one of her greatest privileges.

The Pendergrass home is typically filled with folks who want to come in to be loved and welcomed.  There is always room for one more at the dinner table, which might be why folks often happen to come by around dinner time!

Betsy is an enthusiastic speaker who is passionate about the love of the Father for his children.  She encourages everyone to know they truly can make a difference!


Loving Who We Are Christ
This retreat is about delving into our relationships with the Father. We are given an invitation to embrace who we have been created to be. By looking at attributes of our identity in Christ we also begin to expose obstacles to fully walking in our true identity. This retreat provides opportunity to pull apart with the Lord for Him to speak to our hearts. The goal is to know who we are in Christ, believing that what He says about us is, in fact, the truth.

Embracing the Heart of the Father
We live in the most fatherless generation (outside of war times) that ever has been. This retreat provides a way to address the need to know and walk in a healthy relationship with Father God. This is all about deepening relationships with our Good Dad. Soaking in the how deep and wide is His love for us and providing space to grow in receiving that love is the focus. We would discuss identifying obstacles to our relationship with the Father. There will be time to spend alone with the Father allowing Him so speak to us about how much He loves us.

Too many Christians are struggling in marriage, choosing just to cruise by on auto pilot. Many people love their marriage and just want time to pour into backing to make it even stronger. This retreat provides a place to gather couples from church or friends  to pull away from the busyness of life and prioritize marriage. We would love to
provide you a safe place to deeper your relationship with your spouse and give you tools that will help your marriage continue to get better and better.

Speaking Engagements

Ladies Ministries
You are Seen– speaking to the hearts of so many who feel overlooked an unloved.
Daughter: Loved and Treasured– we are his dearly love children and it is time to walk like it!
• The Lord is With You Mighty Warrior– we have been created to make a difference!
• God Really Is Good- who is God anyway and what are the filters through which we see Him?

Mother’s Groups
• Joy In the Journey– this take a look at (18 years) of how God has been faithful each step of the way.
• You are Making a Difference- sometimes moms need reminding that they are making a difference.

Inner City VBS

Come and Meet My Dad – Our team would come and introduce your kids to God the
Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and invite them into a relationship. This brings with it tons of fun inner healing activities and a super exciting ways to connect kids with the heart of their good Dad.

You Are a Child of God – This series is for groups that are mainly Christian already but want to know what it means to be a child of God in terms they can understand. It will explain their identity in Christ. When children begin to know who they are they will be better able to refute the lies they have been taught. It will help them to be the mighty warriors they were made to be.

Shine – This series will teach children how to be a light to the people around them. This will equip them with tools to share the love of the Father with those they come in contact with. Because there is not a baby Holy Spirit, children will learn how they can make a difference for God.