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Snowy Day? Fun Ideas for a Cold Day


It is SUPER cold today.  Feels like 2 degrees.  For West Tennessee that is crazy cold.  I love it!

I was so excited when our younger two headed out to play.  After piling on layers and joined them.  Reminding me of my childhood and playing in the snow with my dad, I love, love, LOVE being out in the blowing snow.

Elizabeth Jane and I had been dreaming of the snow around December 21st when we officially welcomed winter.  We read one of our favorite books that is an abridged version of Little House on the Prairie called Christmas in the The Big Woods.   When the snow fell today she remembered this book and an idea from the book.  They made their own molasses candy for Christmas.  (A link to the a Youtube version is in a link at the endow the post.)

The neighbor girls gathered outside and we had big fun sledding.  When cheeks and fingers got too cold to stay out any longer, the candy making idea came back up.  We decided to give it a try.

I melted some sorghum molasses in a small sauce pan.  (It had to be runny so that it would pour.)   We filled a cast iron skillet with snow.

I poured the melted molasses into the skillet and it melted immediately.  It was amazing to watch the runny molasses immediately turn into candy.

I thought I would be able to make the pretty shapes and swirls but that was a bit trickier than I had imagined.  The girls thought this was super cool even though their refined taste buds…for candy…were not crazy about the molasses candy. The activity was really easy AND  fun.

Lunchtime came and we made snow cream and hot chocolate.  I mean isn’t that what you do when you get a snowfall in the south?  Lunch was a big hit!

Here’s to hoping the girls will always remember this day.  As they grow up maybe they will remember sledding and candy making on a snowy day.


If you want to try these ideas with your children or grandchildren here are some of the fun supplies.  If you do not have the book Christmas in the Big Woods you can listen to it read here on Youtube.

We used a small cast iron skillet to try and get the Little House vibe.  You will need molasses.  Two different options are Blackstrap Molasses or Original Molasses.   I hope your snowy days are super fun!