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Rocks and Remembrences


I have a bowl of rocks.  It sounds funny, but it I do.  Many years ago we began recording on rocks the ways God was working on our behalf.  The idea came from when Joshua and the Hebrews crossed the Jordan River (that God had parted) on dry ground.  One man from each tribe chose a rock from the middle of the sea and carried it to the other side.  The people made a monument with the rocks to remember God’s faithfulness.

In was interesting because when we were making our rock remembrances it felt like some of these victories were so big it was stupid to write them down.  How would we forget?

One day, years later, I stopped and read a rock or two.  I was shocked.  I stood there looking at a rock that blew my mind.  On that rock was an event that I had not thought of in years.  It was a big victory.  Amazing and mind boggling.  Suprisingly I had forgotten it.  I had forgot a huge win.

Joshua chapter 12 is truly fascinating! This chapter is a list of the enemies the Israelites defeated when they came into the Promised Land. This list records of every military victory they had. God promised the Israelites that everywhere they went they would take ground.  This list confirms that God was telling the truth. There is a entire chapter to prove it.

God recorded these victories. He wanted his children to be able to to return to this list over and over and over. He wanted them to never forget the astounding victories that He brought about for them. Alone, they would not have been able defeat the enemies. The land He promised them He was faithful to give them.

When we write down the wins we can always look back and remember. Maybe this is exactly why Joshua and the Hebrews grabbed their rocks and set up the monument. Today is a day of monument building. Digging deep to recall the victories is a great place to start.  Beginning a list and adding to it will set ourselves a remembrance just like those stones they carried out of the dry riverbed. Let us to determine to begin to record (big and small) the ways we see God working in our lives.

When we walk in the light of the Lord,  keeping His faithfulness before us, it is easier to step over the struggles that may come in our path.  Knowing and seeing where God has been faithful helps us hold fast to the fact that He will continue to be faithful in our future.  Faithful is who He is.  I must remember, not only to continue adding to my rocks but also to keep revisiting them often.