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How to Live From A Healthier Perspective

Have you ever been truly moved by a song?  Great song writers who pen stories of real life are my very favorite. Ben Rector is one of those men.  His song “30,000 Feet” touches my heart deeply. The character of the song has been in and out of cities singing and performing to the point that they “all just seem the same”.  That is until one night he meets an older man on a plane.  He and this man exchange stories and it’s a bit surprising to find how similar their stories are.  The chorus reveals these similarities when both men find themselves saying almost the very same things about their lives.


     “I have been better and I have been worse.
I have loved a pretty girl.
I’ve seen a couple places that I’d never thought I’d see
I’ve walked into harder times.
I’ve walked out the other side.
It seems like you end up getting what you need.
Looking down from 30,000 feet
Life’s been good to me.”


When I first heard this song I just cried and cried, because it is so true.  As Ben sang his song it was as if flashes of life went through my mind.

  • The good and the bad.
  • My Love that I treasure.
  • The places that we have seen that we NEVER would have thought we would see.
  • The many ways that I have gotten what I need.

To be truly honest some of the places we have been were amazing and some of those places stunk.  But each one of them yielded amazing fruit.

We just do not want to stay in the past.  When we live our lives looking backward it is hard to walk forward well.

The bottom line is that God has been so good to us.  We really do “always end up getting what we need.”  At some point I am anticipating living a life where I expect to get what I need instead of stressing that I might not.

I can hear some of you saying right now, “But Betsy, look at this time in my life…I did not get what I needed.”  Really?  If you needed it and you did not get it would you be here today?

There is another part of the song that I love as well. It reminds me that the perspective we have in this life is very important!

“Sometimes we can get lost
Living in the here and now.
Sometimes it take the skies
To see what’s on the ground.”

When we are in the hard places and life is overwhelming, we need a higher perspective.  We need the Lord to help us get above what we are seeing to be able to see a bigger picture.

So in the midst of the hard times of life we can recall where we have come from as well as Whose we are.  We have all come through places “we never thought we would see.”  Already we have seen Him bring us through many challenging places. He is faithful. Our good Dad desires for us to come to Him.  We can lean into Him and get His perspective at anytime…day or night.

Encouraging each other is a great way to get a fresh perspective.  Yesterday I got to sit with a dear friend and talk about stories.  She shared about hard times she had recently walked through.  She felt guilty because she thought she was “taking up our time” by sharing.  Honestly, I was so encouraged!  She is staying the path in the midst of storms.  In sharing the lessons she learned, my heart found faith and hope.

Being willing to share our stories is so vitally important. It is not that we always make the right choices at the right time.  In fact, not one person does that well all the time. We need to learn from where we falter and what recognize what our buttons are that get pushed.  This are learning opportunities.

Haven’t we all “been better” and “been worse” at different times in our lives?  We have “walked into hard times” and chances are we will walk into them again.  But it is the “walking out the other side” that grows us and refines us.  In spite of the struggle in the midst of hard, we can come out better than we started.

The most encouraging part of my friend’s story was how she left anger and bitterness behind with the junk of the story.  In the purification she recognized that kindness, respect and honor were the way to make a difference.  She could have drug the anger, bitterness and resentment around like a ball and chain, but she laid them down.  She is going to be part of a solution!  This world changer is going to make a difference in lives because of the decisions she has made.

Living from a healthy perspective means choosing to step out of the victim role and into the role we have been created to be in.  Each and everyone of us can be powerful  We all can be part of a solution.  In the midst of hate we can love.  Where there is drama we can walk in peace. When there is disunity we can be conduits of unification.





When it is hard and we need encouragement it’s time to circle up the horses. Pull in and find a dear friend to sit with who is not just going to tell you what you want to hear but who loves you and wants the very best for you.  Be willing to ask for help is also important.  Just like Ben Rector’s song, sometime all we need to get above the problems to see life in a whole new light.

We can be a part of solutions.  We can make a difference!